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 3 Ways Your Blog Can Boost Your Career 

Kelly, creator and editor of Lipstick & Ink, a career blog for women, is contributing to today’s article about how blogging can support your 9-5 and career goals. Blogging takes on many forms– some hustle to make it a full time gig while others enjoy the hobby of it. Wherever you’re camped out, learn how having a blog can support you in reaching your professional goals.

Boost Your Exposure


Blogging helps to bright the gap between your personal and professional brand. This presents you as a more well-rounded employee and job candidate as it adds your personality into your work experience. Most companies now want to see how your goals, passions, and hobbies can be integrated into the work day. As more jobs are tapping into the creative and humanitarian aspect of us, a blog can highlight the personal traits within you, making you standout compared to other candidates and subordinates.  



Blogging can establish you as a “thought leader” as you share a unique point- of-view, are vulnerable with your experience/ journey, and blend aspects such as work and family or social justice and finances that may not be spoken about. Plus, LinkedIn offers users to create a page where you can list your blog and highlights (as you would other professional experience) for your network and job to see.


Creates Opportunities

When you decide to offer a piece of yourself to the world, this will open doors otherwise closed. For some blogging results in an additional income stream. Another opportunity blogging creates is the ability to gain experience supporting your current poison or one you would like to step into. For example, if you have your eye on a promotion from intern to Creative Director, the experience accompanied by blogging can help project you onto the consideration list as skills such as digital campaigns, content development, community building, and consistency are key components for jobs such as that.


Blogging can support you in your current position and volunteer work by exposing you to new opportunities for guest appearances on panels, podcasts, webinars, and speaking events. This can be a great way to bring to light the work you are developing in your 9-5 and also establishing yourself as a leader within your field.


Increase Confidence

Research & Learning

Being able to research and learn new things/skills and bring them into the workplace helps you to stand out. Additionally, the ability to work independently to seek answers helps to increase the confidence in yourself. Blogging is pretty much a solo sport as you’re learning how to create a website, maintain it, create content, analyze data, act as HR with brands, etc. All of the research needed to achieve these things shows you are able to take charge and keep moving forward despite roadblocks or lack of additional support. Plus, the legwork that comes along with research makes you a better advocate for yourself as you’re able to share the knowledge gathered, find answers and form an opinion on what a next step could be, and how to advocate for what you want to achieve.


Self- Promotion

Blogging provides one of the best lessons: how to navigate self-promotion. Oftentimes we can withdraw from this and feel uncomfortable sharing wins for fear of coming across as selfish or bragging. Blogging teaches how to communicate our abilities, technical skills acquired, and talents in a professional and sincere manner. This translates into the workplace easily when those annual performance reviews come along. You will be able to have more confidence shining a light on all you are able to do and what you have contributed to on your team/ within the company.

Other Examples:

    • Pushing back when your workload is too much.
    • Pitching and negotiation brand deals.
    • Acknowledging wins and accomplishments as you’ll be able to document your tasks in a new way.

Grow & Scale Your Network + Build Strong Relationships

Networking is a great way to reach your goals no matter what career you are in or the position held. Networking authentically and mainlining a relationship with your community (digital and in person) is great to keep up with industry trends, make career advancements, and form a support system. Digitally speaking, networking on Instagram and LinkedIn can also showcase a company that you’re serious about your goals and you make an effort to cultivate meaningful relationships with people– aka you’re in it for the long haul not attending every networking event just because you can and want to be popular.

Additional ways blogging supports networking is when the blogger takes the unitive to reach out to PR companies, readers, brands, event planners, etc. to coordinate based on the goal. Blogger events are great opportunities where like-minded individuals are able to interact and connect on mutual interests and/ or lifestyles. Blogging helps to make business connections where you can pitch your specific wins and create a relationship around your capabilities versus the companies. People within your industry/field can get to know who YOU are outside of your company and present opportunities when they arise.


Lastly, networking is a two way street. When opportunities arise within your company, you will have an opportunity to recommend others for a position, volunteer with, or reference. The ability to recommend others especially within the workplace displays leadership and community building. So often people come to work and forget about the true benefit and joys of collaboration. Blogging teaches you how to blend this while also reaching your goals and not being afraid to work on a team with others who have a complimentary skillset or even a similar one.

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