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5 Ways To Prepare For A New Month

As the last moments of the month slip away, we turn our attention towards the new one waiting to be discovered. The next few weeks are going to be full of plans, blissing, and challenges. How are you preparing for it all? In this post I am sharing how to prepare your heart and mind– relieve the new, while tending to what was planted the month prior.


End Of The Month Review & New Month Intentions

Perform A Review

Schedule quiet time to think on the questions below. Write them down, record a voice memo, draw the response, or sit with it in reflection.

  • What are things that worked last month?
  • What are things that didn’t work last month?

How Will You Meet God This Month?

  • What does this look like on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis?
  • Do you need more resources to help you work through an event, thoughts, etc?

BONUS: Schedule out this time as you would a doctor’s appointment if you’re struggling to maintain a routine.

What Are Your Goals For This Month?

  • Try your best to narrow this down to 3-5 “big picture” goals.
  • What is it you’re wanting to accomplish and dedicate your time to these next 30 days?

Goals, Wants & Needs

Whether in a journal, on a commute back to work, in quiet time with God, or spoken to a trusted person, be honest about what you’re goals, wants, and needs are. While they can be similar and often grouped together, it’s easier to approach these three as separate categories to make achieving and implementing them easier. When we can clearly see and understand the different components for what we are working towards and the motivation of a necessity, want, and goal, we are able to bring those before God with less hesitation and more preciseness because we’ve identified what we think is important in our lives. Are you in need of more hours at work- perhaps a new job? File that in the “need”. Does a certification catch your eye and support the raise you’re working towards? Put that down as a goal. Are you feeling disconnected and long for community? Place this want before God and start seeking out this community!

  • What is it you need?
  • What is it you want?
  • What are your goals?

Do Something Worth Smiling About

  • How are you giving back this month?
  • Are you connecting with loved ones?
  • What is your care plan to avoid burnout?
  • How are you carving out time for your hobbies and interests?
  • Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but keep putting off?

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