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Clean Your Yoga Mat Using This At Home Mat Spray

Your mat goes everywhere with you- from the studio to the living room, your backyard to the hotel room- your yoga mat is supporting you… sweat and all. Let’s show some love to our mats by keeping them clean and free of yucky germs. This all-natural mat cleaner is quick to make and easily customizable for each season or mood.


Small spray bottle (2-4 ounces)

Distilled or spring water

Witch hazel (unscented is most versatile)

Tea tree or eucalyptus essential oil (or other antibacterial oil)

Lavender or other favorite essential oil


Start by filling 3/4 of your spray bottle with distilled or spring water.

Fill the remaining 1/4 of the bottle with witch hazel (make sure you don’t over fill so you have space for some oils and for the spray hose to fit)

Add 2-3 drops of the tea tree or eucalyptus oil

Add 1-2 drops of lavender oil. Feel free to get creative! I really love grapefruit in the spring and summer.

Seal bottle and shake to combine. (Give the bottle a quick shake before each use.)

Spray mat and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Let dry before rolling mat.


With a recipe this easy you can make a big bottle for home and keep a little bottle to keep in your mat bag so you can always keep your mat clean, no matter where your practice takes you. We recommend spraying your mat after every use but especially after sweaty practices!

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