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Create A Peaceful At Home Yoga & Meditation Space In 6 Easy Steps

The unfortunate truth is Coronavirus continues to plague our world and the number of cases are quickly rising within the United States. Many of our local yoga studios are forced to stay closed or limit their offerings. It’s no secret that this past year has been difficult and stressful for everyone, in a wide variety of ways– but that only makes our yoga and meditation practice all the more important. In times like these when we most need the centering, restorative, and energizing benefits of yoga. You may be missing your home studio, we know that we are, but that doesn’t mean your home practice can’t be just as meaningful or peaceful. Prepare your home yoga and meditate room using the recommendations below!


Small Spaces with Big Impacts

It’s probably fair to assume that you don’t have an entire room sitting empty in your home just waiting to be turned into a dreamy Pinterest-worthy studio space; but, since we aren’t realistically going to be practicing in large groups for quite some time, that isn’t a problem! All you need is a small corner anywhere in your house, just large enough for you and your mat. If you have a formal dining room that is only used for large family meals, that is a great place to start looking for your new yoga space!

If you’re like me and live somewhere with very little square footage and can’t spare even a corner, look for a space where you can move the least amount of furniture. Let’s face it, you won’t be motivated to get on your mat if you have to break a sweat just to set up the space.

I personally really love the vibe in my living room and all I have to do is push the coffee table to the side and *Voila* my yoga space appears.


Set the Mood

Now that you have your space picked out, lets start to prepare it for your yoga practice.

Did you know that research has found that smell has a major impact on memory and emotion? It’s true! According to Harvard’s Venkatesh Murthy, this is because of the brain’s anatomy. How cool is it that God made these parts of our body and brain to be so complex and connected? You can use this to your advantage when setting up your home yoga space.

Think back to your favorite class at your home studio. What smells fill the air? Did the teacher diffuse certain oils? Burn incense or sage? Use those same scents to help you drop into the “yoga zone” and set the mood for your practice.

If you don’t know where to start, I suggest lavender and eucalyptus essential oils (I’m personally a fan of these being used together!) I use a diffuser with a drop or two of each and turn in on just a few minutes before I plan to start practicing. If essential oils aren’t really your thing, try getting a special candle that you only burn when it’s yoga time. My best friend recently introduced me to P.F. Candle Co. and I’m totally obsessed.

What things make you feel calm? Happy? At peace? Those are the sorts of things you want to bring into your space. Click To Tweet

A Breath of Fresh Air

Yoga is really all about the breath- moving with and listening to the breath. So when preparing your home yoga space, make sure that the air you’re breathing is supportive of your practice. If the weather allows, open up a window and invite fresh air to flow through your space as you flow on your mat. You might be amazed by how energizing the fresh air can be!

You can also bring the outdoors inside by adding a plant, or two, or three… or four to your yoga corner! Plants not only make incredible decor and add personality to your space, but they are natural air purifiers!

Meditation Room Design

Make it Yours

The best thing about a home yoga space is that you can make it completely your own! Take a moment to think about what inspires you to come back to your mat. How can you add touches of those inspiring things to your space? Maybe it’s a photo, a quote, or a favorite Bible verse.

What things make you feel calm? Happy? At peace? Those are the sorts of things you want to bring into your space. I love the gentle warm glow of my salt lamp and the photos of my husband and I on the shelfs around me. But that’s what makes the space my own, no one else would feel the same way I do in that space.

Knowing that we are likely to be exclusively practicing at home for a long time, take a little some time to make this space a place you really want to spend time in, one that will keep drawing you in.


Prep with Props

Yoga studios are often stocked with props galore for students to use either free of charge or for a small rental fee, you may be noticing that you are missing those props! Props are great for modifying poses in a wide variety of ways, both simplifying and advancing postures.

We highly recommend having a few simple props to support you and your home practice, but there is no need to spend lots of money.


A great place to start is a block, strap, bolster, and a blanket.


And there is even better news! You might not have to spend any money at all! Check out this helpful list of prop substitutions, you just might have most everything you need already at home.


Extra Tip:

To help keep all your props together and tidy when not in use, use a cute wicker basket that will keep them all together and out of the way!


Set Aside Specific Time

Now that you have prepared a peaceful space, it’s time to make sure you actually get on the mat. Why is it so much more difficult to set aside time to be on our mat when we are practicing at home? While we don’t have the answer, we do have a few ways you can help yourself commit to your practice time.

  1. Put it on your calendar and set a reminder! Schedule your yoga time just like you would if you were going to be gathering at a studio. Seeing it scheduled along with work Zoom meetings and virtual family game nights will not only help you create the time to be on your mat but help to keep you accountable. Try to find days and times when you can consistently commit to your practice and make yoga part of your routine. Just like I know every Wednesday is pizza night, I know Monday mornings are yoga time!
  2. Do your best to limit distractions. Let your friends and family know when you’re going to be practicing yoga. Kindly ask that anyone who is at home respect your yoga time and not to distract you while you are on your mat. Even though you aren’t in a studio, still set your phone on “Do Not Disturb” to further limit any distractions. In fact, I leave my phone in a totally different room so that I don’t even think about checking Instagram while I load my video, my mat time is phone-free time.
Let’s make the most of this time at home and create beautiful little sanctuaries where we can go to pray, meditate, move, and connect to our Heavenly Father. Click To Tweet

Mix and match these ideas to create a home yoga space that is truly your own! While we may be eager to practice in studios once again, safety must come first. So let’s make the most of this time at home and create beautiful little sanctuaries where we can go to pray, meditate, move, and connect to our Heavenly Father.

How you are creating a home yoga space? Let us know in the comments and tag us in your photos of your yoga corner on Instagram!

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