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This YouTube Couple Candidly Talks Christian Boundaries

Tori and Chad Masters are a Christian- American couple who have utilized YouTube’s platform to spread the Gospel and encourage conversations surrounding healthy Christ-centric relationships. In particular, the couple speaks on the most popular content requests: dating and marriage. We’ve rounded up the couple’s best videos to help you dive into strengthening your relationship with Jesus at the center. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, these videos are for you.


The Truth About Sex | Part 1

The Truth About Sex Q&A, First Time, Forgiveness | Part 2

The Truth About Sex: Shame & Your Past | Part 3

For Singles

Boundaries With The Opposite Sex

5 Biggest Mistakes Made While Single


Boundaries For Singles Before Dating

Boundaries In Dating | Physical, Emotional & Spiritual



Boundaries With The Opposite Sex- Guy & Girl Friendships

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