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Spotify Spring Worship Playlist

List To Our Spring Worship Playlist

ur spring worship playlist includes a medley of songs you can play in the background throughout your day or dedicate specific time to praising our magnificent Creator. Wherever your heart leads you, raise your voice in thanks and worship through song this season. You can view our other playlists by clicking this link, here. Spring […]

Spring Prayers To Pray

5 Spring Prayers To Pray This Week

pring is in bloom. The trees are dancing in the wind and flower buds are sprouting vibrant colors. As the season is changing, it is a reminder that so are we. Some of us are entering the second spring in lockdown and we’ve become accustomed to the preventative measures and protocol of the global pandemic. […]

Life Lessons From Jonah and How To Obey God

Faith Figure: Jonah

Who is Jonah? Jonah is one of the prophet in the Old Testament (the first part of the Bible, before Jesus’ time) and the main character in the small yet mighty self-titled book “Jonah”. His main territory is in the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 8-9th century BCE. Fun Fact: In Hebrew the word used […]

 3 Ways Your Blog Can Boost Your Career 

Kelly, creator and editor of Lipstick & Ink, a career blog for women, is contributing to today’s article about how blogging can support your 9-5 and career goals. Blogging takes on many forms– some hustle to make it a full time gig while others enjoy the hobby of it. Wherever you’re camped out, learn how […]

Winter Journaling Prompts

As we enter a new season, it’s only natural to have expectations for the months to come. Expectations aren’t a bad thing but when left lingering in the back of our mind, expectations can become destructive- causing anxiety, frustration, and more. When we aren’t mindful of our expectations for any season, event, or relationship, we […]

Meditation Room Interior Design

Create A Peaceful At Home Yoga & Meditation Space In 6 Easy Steps

The unfortunate truth is Coronavirus continues to plague our world and the number of cases are quickly rising within the United States. Many of our local yoga studios are forced to stay closed or limit their offerings. It’s no secret that this past year has been difficult and stressful for everyone, in a wide variety […]

Clean Your Yoga Mat Using This At Home Mat Spray

Your mat goes everywhere with you- from the studio to the living room, your backyard to the hotel room- your yoga mat is supporting you… sweat and all. Let’s show some love to our mats by keeping them clean and free of yucky germs. This all-natural mat cleaner is quick to make and easily customizable […]

Can Christians Do Yoga? Debunking This Question & A Free Discussion Guide

“Can Christians do yoga?” a question circulating the web and thoughts like fire. As a Christian yoga studio, Potter & Clay feels it is of the utmost importance to provide reliable information to educate and equip others with resources surrounding Christianity and yoga. While Potter & Clay was not a witness to the moment yoga […]

This YouTube Couple Candidly Talks Christian Boundaries

ori and Chad Masters are a Christian- American couple who have utilized YouTube’s platform to spread the Gospel and encourage conversations surrounding healthy Christ-centric relationships. In particular, the couple speaks on the most popular content requests: dating and marriage. We’ve rounded up the couple’s best videos to help you dive into strengthening your relationship with […]

Faith Figure: Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael’s Importance In Christianity: s Christians we have less of an emphasis of learning and implementing praise/ recognition surrounding saints rather than those rooted in the Catholic faith. The Catholic and Christian church are structured quite different while maintaining a few similar key points/ ideas. One of the major differences is in the […]


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